Darlins Lopez Photographer Hamburg
Welcome to the world of Darlins Lopez photography!

I am glad that you've came to visit my website.
My site offers an overview of my photography and my own style.
Briefly about the course of my life:
I was born in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, where I lived until I graduated.
Then I spent 3 years at the University de Guayaquil Ecuador studying languages.
2009 I started my training as a photographer in one of the best
schools of photography in Germany.
I am a professional and passionate photographer with a passion
and love for detail and a good eye for beauty, form, light and colors.
To me, my love for photography is a gift from God that I am following
with empathy, intuition and clear goals.
Creativity and perfection characterize me as a person.
Through the experience of different cultures, I can easily deal with different
personalities and I am very open-minded. Discretion is ensured with me.
My ideas about life are travelling, art, music and to broaden my mind.
Thank you for your interest in my person, and I hope you enjoy my work.